How to Choose the Perfect Colors for Your Brand

Color is so important when it comes to branding and setting the mood for your website and social media. It can sometimes make or break your brand. Think of  if Color U Bold was only in black, grey, and literally wouldn't make any sense, right?! That's why my blog and my social media is colorful! I wanted to make my brand fit the name and the personality of this blog. Every so often I transform my blog but something that remains consistent was the colors that I, pink, yellow.  It's important to choose colors that you want get tired of. Those are my favorite colors and they transformed with me over the years from subdued to vibrant! I want you to create colors that will fit your brand and that can be transformed over the years as you grow and mature as a brand!

I think one of the hardest things when coming up with colors is making them stand out without making them to boring or too crazy! That's why in today's blog post I'll be helping you strategically find color combinations that fit your brands mood, voice, and personality.

how to pick the right colors scheme for your brand

Find Your Brands Personality

Do you know your brand's personality? Remember the purpose of your brand and how you want people to feel can make or break how people view your brand. Come up with 2-3 personality traits for your brand and write them down. Believe it or not, this will help you determine your colors. Here are a couple of personality traits to get your brain juices going:

  • Playful
  • Serene
  • Creative
  • Energetic
  • Fresh
  • Simple
  • Happy
  • Quiet
  • Modern
  • Minimalist
  • Retro
  • Serious
  • Glam
  • Vibrant
  • Now its your turn _____,______,______

Choose a Primary Color

This is the color that will be dominate on your blog in many different areas. This is basically your action color. It will be shown 70% of the time. Think about what color would match your brand's personality the best? Consider color psychology for this.  How do you want your viewers to feel when they come across your site. Learning about color psychology can help you create a blog that draws in your ideal audience. Take for instance if you are a health and fitness blogger, green could be your primary color because it embodies health! There are many different varients of green so don't just think vibrant green, get creative. Whatever you choose think about what draws you to click on something.

Color evokes emotional responses.

Red:  love, passion , desire, energy, heat, strength, action, excitement, aggressive, adventure
Pink: happy, sweet, playful, healthy, compassion, appreciation, delicate, femininity, gentle, soft
Orange: confident, playful courageous, successful, fun, affordable, youthful
Yellow: bright, energetic, warm, happy, positive, joy, sunshine, caution
Green: environment, fresh, organic, positive, money, crisp, health, healing, renewal
Blue: loyalty, trust, peace, tranquility, integrity, authority, established, secure
Purple: luxury, wealth, ambition, royalty, spirituality, nobility, justice, fantasy, regal
Grey: solid, reliable, security, intelligence, corporate, humility, moody, respect
Beige: conservative, historic, experiences, crisp, simplicity
Brown: earthy, conservative, friendly, outdoors, richness, natural
Silver: glamorous, sleek, high-tech, graceful
Gold: wealth, prosperity, value, wisdom, tradition
White: freshness, purity, clean, goodness, easy, truthfulness, refined, cleanliness, innocence
Black: elegance, timeless, bold, formal, dramatic, serious, traditional

Look for primary colors that will stand out amongst your other colors. You can use this color for  buttons, isolating a certain word or phrase, call to actions, etc. This is the color you want to get people to look at and possibly click on!

Choose 2-3 Secondary Colors

Now it's time to pair that primary color with other colors! This will be your color scheme. I highly suggest you learn more about the 3 different kinds of color wheels (primary, secondary, and tertiary) if you really need help with finding the best colors scheme for you. Experiment with colors that would work with your main color or choose predefined color schemes that help you create a color palette. So think monochromatic, analogous, complimentary, and triadic.  Narrow your choices down to 2-4 colors to accent your primary color because these will be used in headings, text, backgrounds, and images. Go for contrast and neutral colors that work well together. Be strategic with your choices because like I said it can make or break your brand.

Check out this cool website that can help you come up with your color scheme based on the color wheel!

Create a Mood board!

This really helped me as I was transitioning my blog this past year. I simply used a Pinterest secret board and I just pinned  images that fit my style. I took a couple of images and went into to extract the colors with the color picker. I wrote the hex codes down that I loved from each picture  on a notepad to remember.  Then I went to Canva to make my mood board!

Apply the Colors to Your Brand Elements

Now it's time to get creative. Decide which colors to use for your headings, text, backgrounds, and images. This plays a big factor in your photographs and blog post graphics. These colors should be easy to see and do not strain the viewers eyes. Once again be strategic in your choices.

Do you have your brand colors, how did you come up with them. If you have not decided on your colors did this help you get started?

If you need help with branding I have a workbook that will help you get your brain juices flowing like no other! This in-depth epic workbook will help you figure out your brands mood, personality, purpose, colors, and so much more! It will really get you thinking and making a strategic plan for making your brand stand out as a whole. Get it below or click here!


  1. Such great, great tips here for those struggling with their colors. Once in awhile I think about switching mine, but I have nothing to switch to. I'm a neutrals lover. My main colors are: light muted green/teal, slate, and white. I also incorporate any kind of earthy tones, as well.

  2. My colors are pink, coral, green and yellow.I picked my blog colors right after I got married so I knew I loved those colors together!

  3. Great tips! always imprtant to know what your colors convey!

  4. Your blog is beautiful! My primary color is pink too.

  5. Your blog is bright and colorful. My primary color is a greenish-blue. I wanted it to be calming.

  6. I've been thinking of rebranding for a while.... Ugh. It just seems like so much work! LOL!

  7. These are great tips! Thanks for sharing! I totally agree with the mood board too, it really helped me!

  8. I'm trying to do this theme colors for my brand now. Late have I learned the importance of this but glad I finally do. Love!

  9. Great article! I am still working on this in my own blog. Thank you for the inspiration to go a little bit bolder with my coloring! I am drawn to more muted colors usually but I don't think they reflect my brand well!

  10. Thank you for sharing these strategies :)


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  12. melindastewart6632August 12, 2017 at 1:32 PM

    Wow...Jasmine Hunt, your information on creating my brands personality with colors...helped me get clear quickly after being...stuck for years...trying to choose my brand colors. Awesome, Content Jasmine Hunt and Thank you.☺