30 Time Management Skills to Master Before You're 30

"People often complain about lack of time when the lack of direction is the real problem."

Today I wanted to share with you a couple of time management skills we should all be working towards. Whether you are 18 or past 30 time management is important for a work-life balance. If you are feeling overwhelmed pick some of these skills to work toward. You'll be surprised how less stressed you become.

  1. Schedule Your Day
  2. Invest in a Planner
  3. Complete Hard Tasks first
  4. Schedule Specific times for Specific tasks
  5. Manage your Emails
  6. Learn and Practice Self Control
  7. Use a Calendar
  8. Dedicate time for Fun Activities
  9. Get Plenty of Rest
  10. Get up Early
  11. Plan for the Unplanned
  12. Ask for Help or Advice
  13. Batch your tasks
  14. Set Deadlines
  15. Decline Additional Commitments
  16. Tidy your Workspace
  17. Only take on What you can finish
  18. Only focus on what matters 
  19. Set Reminders
  20. Stop Multi-taskings, focus on one thing and finish it
  21. Value your time and others will too
  22. End your work day a fixed time
  23. Set Deadlines
  24. Don't stress over unimportant details
  25. Review what you've done for the day and create a list for the next day.
  26. Carry your to-do list with you at all times
  27. For a couple of days, take an inventory of how you spend your time. Then reevaluate your time wasters.
  28. Keep your desk organized
  29. Finish your task no matter what
  30. Cut bad habits with a "Stop Doing" List 

Other Productivity Tips

What are some time management skills you want to master?

How to Get On-Brand Photos for Your Website and Social Media

What you choose for your blog posts, social media graphics, instagram feed, and more, communicate your brand's personality, voice, and purpose. What are your images saying about you?

Standing out online has become more and more important as more bloggers and online entrepreneurs have sprung up! To ensure a recognizable online presence it's important to choose visuals that compliment your brand. Your readers need to feel a sense of consistency when they are looking you up. Photography achieves this goal and more! Imagery can make or break your brand!

Don't feel overwhelmed by this process there  are a ton of ways to create a compelling brand if you do not own a camera or feel too overwhelmed by this process. If photography isn't your strong suit their are tons of stock photo websites out there that give you the images you love. I love having a stock photo membership to help people who don't quite know their style just yet and want filler images. Or people who want to outsourcing this feature of blogging to more professional photographers.

Today I want to share with you a few  techniques I give my clients so that they can get the images that work best for their brand.

First, Brainstorm Your Plan

You need to know exactly what you want your brand to be about. That's why I created the Rock Your Brand Free Ecourse to help you create a brand that makes sense. In this course I help you come up with a brand personality that represent you best. This will help with the overall tone of your brand. Think about this "If you had to describe your brand in 3 words what would it be?"

Some words such as:

  • Quirky, Cheerful, Colorful  
  • Minimalistic, balanced, and professional
  • Daring, Edgy, and Dark
  • Peaceful, natural, and organic
  • Feminine, elegant, and classy
  • _________,_________,_________

Now look at the words you chose and figure out how they would look visually. What color, objects, shapes associate well with the words you chose.

Next, Search for the Photos to Inspire You!

Next, you need to go looking for photos that resonate with you. My favorite places to send my clients to find inspiration is to Pinterest! You can create a secret board just for your brand photos ideas. If you have colors in mind go searching for photos with those colors. You'll be surprised at all of the images that resonate with you. Pin the ones you like for future reference. Another way to find your sense of style is through Instagram. Is there an instagram account that fits your style perfectly?

*This is for inspiration only. Please do not try to copy them or take photos without knowing the terms and agreements. It's always great to find inspiration but being a complete duplicate of someone is a no-no in the blogging world ;)

2 Ways to Get Brand Photos!

 1. Do It Yourself!

Now days it's easy to create your own brand photos from affordable cameras to smartphones. It takes time and understanding something I'm excited about teaching in the upcoming months ;) When I started creating my own photos I felt so liberated because I could create something completely my own. However it can be quite a  learning curve so take into consideration that it takes time to get professional looking photos. Courses, ebooks, and videos can help you with that as well.

 2. Source out your photos!

This is for the people who may not have the affordability  or time to do it themselves. Sourcing out your photos will save time and energy. Here are several ways you can source out photos!

Free Stock Photos
Free stock photos are a great way to fill in for the mean time. There are tons of free stock photo sites out there including my 50 free stock photos. Watch out for cheesy and generic stock photos. Now days its all about the styled photo shoots that are laid back yet professional. These sites can help you determine what you like and what you don't like. There are somethings to consider however when choosing free stock photos:

  • Make sure you know the terms and agreements. Some free photos sites only allow you to use their photos non-commercially. 
  • You also have to take into consideration copyright and attribution requirements. Best bet is to find photos that are copyright free and doesn't require attribution.

Another great tip for finding free stock photos is by signing up to email lists that give a way free stock photos! This helps support indie photographers(like myself)! However take into consideration that others have the same exact photo. So you'll have to work around that by being creative with how you customize your stock photos!

Paid Stock Photos
If you really want to invest the right way, paid stock photos are your best choice when sourcing out photos. Usually paid stock photos are very professional and high quality. What's best is that you don't have to worry about a lot of people having them. There are two paid options that may be up your alley: Custom Stock Photos and Photo Membership Sites

  • Custom Stock Photos is one of best ways to ensure you'll get unique designs. However it does come with a price. I pride myself on having much more affordable prices for custom photos plus you get the most for your buck!  How does 50 photos sound to you for only $150. As opposed to 10 photos for $250 that a lot of other sites have. So take into consideration your price point and how many photos you need.

*Recent photos I did for a client

Get the April sale of only $150 for 50 custom styled photos!*Ending soon*

  • Photo Membership sites provide gorgeous stock photos for less than the price of custom stock photos. However if you want to develop a consistent brand filled with gorgeous images this will totally be what you need. If you're looking for really affordable photos that not everyone has, this is the way to go. With my membership I provide 3 different categories that fit with my members style (vibrant, minimalistic, and feminine). Then I create 20+ images for each category plus social media quote graphics that work perfectly for each category for a total of 50 images each month! 

Become a Member today and get 50 images for only $10/month

Now that you've found the photo direction that works for you here are a couple of blog post that will help you make them completely your own!

5 Ways to Customize Styled Stock Photos
How to Create Pinterest Graphics using Stock Photos
How to Develop a Cohesive Instagram Theme
15 Stock Photos and How to Use Them

Which stock photo route works best for you and why?